Program Highlights

International Studies Track

International Studies is one of two tracks available to POS majors and serves students with a special interest in global affairs, international relations, and the world economy.

Minor in Social Media Activism

Social Media Activism is a 15 credit minor for students interested in combining their interests in engagement and activism in different environments through online media communication.

Maine Model United Nations Conference

The Maine Model United Nations Conference (MeMUNC) is a fun and challenging annual conference where college and high school students participate in a United Nations simulation that enables students to organize, debate, resolve conflict, and negotiate.

Study Abroad

The POS program teaches a European Union (EU) course in Brussels and The Hague, and you may also receive credit for educational travel through other programs.


The USM Political Science Program offers a structured 6-credit hour program for local internships during the fall and spring semesters. Interns work from 12-15 hours weekly in public sector positions at the federal, state, and local levels or in politically-related private sector positions. They attend six seminars during the semester which connect work experience to social science frameworks and secure interaction with other interns in a similar situation.