What is the Cybersecurity Ambassador Program (CAP)?

The Cybersecurity Ambassador Program (CAP) is a USM sponsored organization that encourages cybersecurity research and community awareness through outreach events. CAP promotes sought-after workplace skills for students while simultaneously allowing them to give back to their communities.

Who are Cybersecurity Ambassadors (CAs)?

Cybersecurity Ambassadors (CAs) are undergraduate and graduate students interested in researching relevant cybersecurity topics. They also perform outreach activities for at-risk communities in Maine. Positions are sponsored through the Federal Work Study Program, Graduate Assistantships, and grants.

What exactly do the Cybersecurity Ambassadors do?

The CA team spends the majority of their time trying to understand what the current cybersecurity-related trends are and how to promote awareness of those trends to at-risk communities in Maine. We foster an open work environment where asking questions is core to helping each other understand what we can do to help ourselves and others.

Interested in becoming a Cybersecurity Ambassador?

If you have a Federal Work-Study opportunity, are excited about furthering your own cybersecurity knowledge while sharing that wealth with others let us know! The ambassadors are always looking for individuals passionate about cybersecurity and the technology industry who are looking for a unique opportunity to further themselves and give back to the community. 

 For more information on joining the CA team contact the ambassador’s Faculty Advisor; lori.sussman@maine.edu or utilize the CA contact email; USMCybersecurityAmbassadors@maine.edu

What if I don’t have any cybersecurity background?

Even better! We actively encourage students from multiple fields and backgrounds to consider applying to the CA program. We only ask that students demonstrate the desire to further their knowledge of cybersecurity while helping to build a stronger cybersecurity posture throughout Maine.

Looking to have the cybersecurity ambassadors present at your organization?

We are constantly looking for opportunities to present on cybersecurity-related topics in the community. If you are interested in having the CA team present to your organization please provide your organizations information using this Google Form.

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