USMs Cyber Defense Club

What is the USM Cyber Defense Club (Husky Hackers)?

The Cyber Defense Club focuses on developing skills and knowledge surrounding cybersecurity and computer forensics. Our members represent some of the finest students from the University Southern Maine Cybersecurity program. We attend conferences, competitions, and collaborate with the industry on projects to train students in professionalism. Students actively network with industry professionals which have led to major job opportunities!

Compete in National Competitions

Compete in the National Cyber League (NCL), Department of Energy CyberForce Competition, National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC), and more!

Access Exclusive Resources, Training, and Labs!

Access exclusive resources to enhance your skill set! Learn about the NIST and NICE Framework, Certifications, and access training material to prepare for certifications. 

Network with Industry Professionals!

 Join our network of students, alumni, industry recruiters, security researchers, and professors!

What if I don’t have any cybersecurity background?

Even better! We actively encourage students from multiple fields and backgrounds to consider joining the Husky Hackers. We only ask that students demonstrate the desire to further their knowledge of cybersecurity while helping to build a stronger cybersecurity posture throughout Maine.

How do I learn more about the Husky Hackers?

For more information on joining the Husky Hackers; contact the Faculty Advisor, Ashley Hayes via email at or by phone at 207-780-5391.