How to Apply: Admissions Pathway Program

All students applying for admissions to USM’s undergraduate programs will be considered for the Admissions Pathway Program as part of their initial application review. 

Decisions for program placement are based upon a variety of factors including direct requests for English language support and, in the case of international students, TOEFL scores (or other USM-accepted assessments of academic English).

USM’s admissions team considers these indicators of a student’s English language proficiency, to determine if additional support will be needed to prepare the student for the university-level reading and writing required within our various degree programs. Students whose assessment scores are below TOEFL 213 CBT/79 IBT and who are otherwise admissible to USM may be admitted to USM’s  Admission Pathways Program (APP). These students may also be eligible to apply for federal financial aid as residents and take other credit-bearing courses depending on their English language level. To learn more about the admissions process at USM, please visit the Undergraduate Application page at USM’s Admissions Office website.