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The USM Art Gallery, part of the Art Department, is located in the relaxed setting of the Gorham campus.
USM Art Gallery
The AREA Gallery is located in the nexus of academic and student life in the Woodbury Campus Center near Portland's vibrant downtown.
USM AREA Gallery
Participate in free public contemporary art forums, gallery talks, and school tours held at the USM Art Galleries.
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The University of Southern Maine Art Galleries are a vital educational and cultural resource serving the Art Department, the University, Southern Maine, and the Northeast. The USM Art Galleries present a diverse range of exhibitions, public programs and professional publications.

News & Events

Professor Libby Bischof and her Honors "Exploring Maine Landscapes" class held an event at the Gallery on October 14th, with over 65 attendees.
Earle G. Shettleworth Jr.
This event, held on October 15, was sponsored by the Maine Photo Project. It was a celebration of the publication of Maine Photographs: A History, 1840-2015 (Down East Books and Maine Historical Society, 2015), and exhibitions at the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts and the University of Southern Maine Art Galleries.
Ellen Babcock visits Michael Shaughnessy's class
During her week-long residency, Ellen Babcock has been visiting one or two art department classes each day, often working in her own experience with molds and foundries.

Picturing Maine: The Way Life Was?

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September 17 - December 11

Tues - Sun, 12:00- 4:00pm

USM Art Gallery, Gorham 


Todd Webb: Historian with a Camera

August 31‐December 9

AREA Gallery, Woodbury Campus Center, Portland

7 a.m.-10 p.m., Mon - Fri