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Catalogue of United Nations(UN) documents and publications indexed by the UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library and the Library of the UN Office at Geneva. Also included are commercial publications and other non-UN sources held in the collection of the Dag Hammarskjöld Library. The coverage of UNBISnet is from 1979 onward, however, older documents are being added to the catalogue on a regular basis as a result of retrospective conversion. UNBISnet also provides instant access to a growing number of full text resources in the six official languages of the UN (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish), including resolutions adopted by the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and the Security Council from 1946 onward. Voting records, and index to speeches. Coverage: 1979-
A data access system to UN databases ... pooling major UN databases and those of several international into one single internet environment. The innovative design allows a user to access a large number of UN databases either by browsing the data series or through a keyword search ... The numerous databases, tables and glossaries containing over 60 million data points cover a wide range of themes including Agriculture, Crime, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Health, HIV/AIDS, Human Development, Industry, Information and Communication Technology, National Accounts, Population, Refugees, Tourism, Trade, as well as the Millennium Development Goals indicators
Directory of web pages to United States state legislatures, constitutions, statutes, session laws, codes and regulations. Text Only Version.Coverage: Current
Find contact information for US and State elected officials, agencies, and more. is the official web portal of the U.S. government, but also provides organized access to state, local and tribal government sites. It gives answers to frequent questions from citizens, businesses and nonprofits, government employees, and visitors, including: government auctions, applying for government jobs or benefits.
For patents from 1976 to the present it provides searching by classification system, title and abstract words, inventor and company name and many other fields. For patents prior to 1976 you must search by patent number or the classification system. There is no searching by inventor or title for the older patents.Coverage: From 1790
TESS contains more than 3 million pending, registered and dead federal trademarks.