All three of our campus libraries include areas to support our students’ well-being and enrich their educational experience.

Dining Accommodations

Glickman: AAA Cafe on 5, vending machines available & microwave as well as seating at bar and rounded tables.

Starbucks on 1 includes a small library cafe with small tables and computer desks.

Gorham Library: Dining and lounge kiosk across the hall.

LAC: Down the hall — “LAC Cafe”

Meditation & Prayer Space in Glickman

Prayer / Meditation Spaces

Single-person Prayer & Meditation spaces are available at all three of our campus libraries.

Glickman: 4th floor behind the elevator lobby

Gorham: 2nd floor near back windows

LAC: Room 115 just down the hall from the library doors.

Gender Neutral Restrooms & Lactation Rooms

Glickman: 2 restrooms on 3rd floor of Library.

A private lactation room is available on the 4th floor of the Glickman Library. Request with any staff member.

Gorham Library: No restrooms IN the library. Nearby (to the right as you exit the library and down the hall) in the central hallway junction and on all floor in Bailey Hall.

Gorham has access to a lactation space on the 3rd floor

LAC: No restrooms IN the library. 2 single stall restrooms located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the “New Wing” of the LAC building.

A private lactation room is available on the 2nd floor in room 208C.