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EDU 671 Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior is the utilization of theory and methods of academic disciplines of understanding and influencing behavior of people in organizations. In general, this course will explore the interactions between individuals and the systems in which they live and work. Individual and group levels of analysis are included in covering such topics as diversity, communications, motivation, power, conflict, school culture, group development and performance, innovation, quality, individual effectiveness & development, leadership, and intergroup behavior. In addition to conceptual inputs, this course will utilize structured activities, simulations, case analysis and student presentations in order to: 1) provide opportunities to actually experience the behavioral dynamics being studied; and 2) to provide situations wherein students can assess the relevance of the dynamics being studied. Cr 3.

Class Number: 20445
Credits: 3
Class Component: Seminar
Section: 0001
Dates: 8/28/2023 - 10/13/2023
Status: Open
Enrollment: 9 of 10 seats
Location: Web/Online
Instruction Method: Online/Online
More Information
n/a Online 8/28/2023 - 10/13/2023 Anita Jean Stewart McCafferty