Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

PLEASED NOTE NEW APPLICATION REVIEW DEADLINE:    Review of UROP proposals will BEGIN on Sunday, May 5th, 5pm, and applications received after that date will receive full attention until available funding is exhausted. 

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The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) at USM awards funding to undergraduate projects in any discipline. UROP is a scholarly fellowship that brings together diverse areas of undergraduate student research and creative activities. The UROP program allows for student-faculty collaborations with tremendous mutual intellectual and professional development benefits.

In addition there are events in which UROP projects are showcased. This includes the annual UROP Research Poster Symposium, which allows for UROP awardees to meet with prospective applicants for the following year’s cohort of scholars. UROP fellows often participate in regional, national, and international meetings and conferences within their respective disciplines. Finally, all projects culminate with a presentation at the Thinking Matters student research conferenceThis conference is held in April, when family, friends and professors can learn about your research.

Any USM students from any major can participate! Check out this year's student projects & see below for all the details about eligiability and how to apply.

Who Can Apply?

Those who will be Undergraduate juniors or seniors during the award, who:

  • Are enrolled in at least 6.0 credit hours at USM.
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or greater
  • Have engaged a faculty mentor to collaborate with on a research project

What Are the Benefits?

Students receive:

  • $3,000 stipend awarded to each student (to use in any way he/she wishes)
  • $500 for supplies/materials to conduct the research
  • $400 travel stipend to present at a conference/meeting

What’s the Timeframe?

The UROP fellowships are for one full academic year, starting in the fall. However, many students opt to begin their award during the summer (due to seasonal factors for data collection, travel opportunities, etc.). Below is the UROP calendar and application timing.

Summer (following notification of awards): New UROP awardees may elect to begin their project and use expense budget for travel, materials and equipement.  Stipends however will not begin until September 1st.

September: The UROP programming officially begins! Required monthly luncheon meetings commence, with group discussions, administrative support, practice presentations, and events planning.

March: The annual UROP Research Poster Symposium! This is an opportunity for the USM community, and prospective UROP applicants, to see current projects and speak with awardees about their research process and experiences.

April:  Thinking Matters research conference.  All UROP students give talks about their projects.

How Do I Apply?

The process for applying to the UROP program is very straight-forward, but needs advanced planning and preparation:

First step: (regardless of when you become eligible) Talk with a professor whose teaching or scholarship is of great interest to you. Meet to talk about project ideas, feasibility, and professional development benefits. This may include exploration of current literature on your topic of interest and how, or what, your learning and research could add to the field of study.  YOU WILL NEED A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FROM THIS PERSON TO INCLUDE WITH YOUR APPLICATION

When you, and your professor, feel the project plan is scholarly, well organized, and will be a valuable learning experience, you can click the link below and submit an application to the Program. Also linked below is a the scoring rubric used to review proposals and make final funding decisions. The scoring rubric can be utilized to guide what kind of information to include, and assist in how to articulate how the project will benefit the student's professional development and career goals.

UROP Selection Criteria/Rubric and Application Information  

Click here for a complete example of a recent successful application, including budget and mentor letter of support. NOTE:  The format and questions have changed slighly for this year.  Please use this example as a guide for writing style, level of detail, etc.  

When you are ready to apply, click the link below to open a Google Forms application.  

Students:  Click the application link to the right to apply!  DUE DATE:  May 5, 2019  Apply Here (you can open the link to view all questions without submitting)

Faculty Mentors:  Click the link to the right to complete the UROP faculty mentor form. DUE DATE May 5, 2019 Form Here

Frequently Asked Questions


Dr. Bruce Thompson - Program Director 


Phone: 207-780-4739

Henry Myer - Graduate Assistant  - UROP Coordinator