Service-Learning & Volunteering



The vision of Service Learning and Volunteering at USM is to help ensure that every USM graduate is prepared for responsible citizenship through access to an authentic, real-world, engaged learning experience that instills a commitment to service, life-long learning, and civic engagement.


Service Learning and Volunteering helps prepare USM students for life, work and citizenship by awakening and sustaining their interest in and commitment to their own development and to the health and welfare of their communities.   We support student access to compelling service learning and volunteer experiences inside and outside the classroom.

Service Learning and Volunteering at USM helps our faculty achieve excellence in their service learning pedagogy, including assisting with course and project design and community partner relations.

Service Learning and Volunteering at USM enhances the experiences of our community partners by responding to their needs and the needs of their constituents through USM student service and volunteering.

What is Service Learning?

Service-learning combines academic instruction with a community service experience. In partnership with local organizations, students in service-learning courses apply the knowledge and analytical skills gained in the classroom to address social, environmental and cultural issues within the community. Students engage in service-learning both to expand their understanding of a subject and to benefit the community.

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering also involves providing service to benefit the community but it does not involve the formal connection to the academic experience which service learning provides. 

Whether you want to commit to regular volunteering in your campus or local community or whether you are seeking support for a more formal service learning experience, we look forward to working with you. For assistance, please contact us.


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