Service-Learning & Volunteering


USM offers an increasing number of service-learning courses, in which students, faculty, and community organizations work together to address community-identified needs. Most disciplines offer this type of experiential learning course at some point in your studies. You can also seek them out as electives.

Explore the list of Service-Learning Courses and register on MaineStreet.

What is Service-Learning?

Service-learning combines academic instruction with a community service experience. In partnership with local organizations, students in service-learning courses apply the knowledge and analytical skills gained in the classroom to address social, environmental and cultural issues within the community. Students engage in service-learning both to expand their understanding of a subject and to benefit the community.

Distinct from internships, service-learning is a classroom-linked exposure to careers and issues being addressed in the real world rather than a capstone experience at the end of your studies.

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For course support at LAC, visit the Druker Office of Community Engagement