Special Education

The Master of Science in Special Education is designed for people teaching exceptional children, whether new to the profession or already having experience. Learn more about Special Education.

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Special Online Tuition Rate

All Special Education programs are available fully online, with lower e-tuition rates to match.

Integrated General Education and Special Education Teacher Certification

Accepting applications now! The new MS in Special Education program leads to an initial teacher certification in general education and special education.
Reading Matters

Reading Matters to Maine (RMTM) Scholarships

RMTM Scholarships available for those enrolled in SPY 427/SPY 627: Multi-Tier Reading Instruction for General and Special Education for spring 2018.
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Teacher Shortage Options

U.S. Dept. of Education designated teacher shortage areas for purposes of student loan cancellations, loan deferments, & reductions under some student loan programs!