Strengths @ USM

USM Strengths in Transition!

After 6 years at the university, USM Strengths will be ending our current program. We want to share with you a few next steps including a goal of sharing resources with departments and faculty we’ve partnered with in the past.  


Our Impact: We’re most proud of the work this team has done to make a positive impact on the university - we’ve collaborated with faculty to integrate Strengths into over 400 sections of undergraduate and graduate courses which have focused on helping students build an appreciation of their natural talents and strengths and apply this appreciation into their career exploration, academic study techniques, and fostering positive team dynamics. Over 8,000 students, staff, and faculty have taken the StrengthsFinder assessment during our tenure. Strengths has supported new cohorts of OT students, Trio students as they began their first year at USM, aspiring Nurses, Honors students, and USM Tutors. Additional programming has supported student leadership development, fostered the strengths-based advising model, worked with student-athletes, and Orientation leaders.  An article was written about our program by Gallup, and Jen published her first article focused on how to build a strengths-based community. 


In addition to our work with students, we’ve facilitated close to 60 workshops for university staff and faculty with goals of building individual’s appreciation of their own natural talents and how they can be used at work, building stronger teams, and fostering an appreciation of colleagues from a strengths perspective. 


It’s been a busy and productive 6 years!


Next Steps: As the program is ending, we would like to share resources with key faculty and academic departments that we’ve partnered with in the past. If you are interested in continuing to use the StrengthsFinder assessment we would like to connect with you, your chair and department admin specialist to talk more. One of the reasons to connect with your department is that the central management of code allocation will end, and that management will transition to departments that are interested in using the StrengthsFinder with the students and/or staff.


Please note that the LOS Department will be taking over the Strengths website while supporting their academic department as well as student leadership development. If you and your department are interested in receiving access codes for the StrengthsFinder assessment, please email the email. 


Thank you for your collaboration! The last 6 years have proven to be a grassroots effort and we wouldn't have reached as many students without the ongoing support of our community. We hope our collaboration has enriched your work with students at the university. 


Many Thanks,


Dan Jenkins, Jen Hart & the USM Strengths Team