Student borrowing and debt is a concern to us at the University of Southern Maine. Although many student loan programs are available to assist you in meeting your college expenses, we anticipate that you will make educated decisions about how much you borrow. The following are average debt levels at graduation for our 2023 graduates:

Average Undergraduate debt: $23,007

Average Graduate debt: $34,860

The average indebtedness figures listed here represent average student loan debt for all students who borrowed and graduated in the past year. This includes students who first enrolled at the University as first time college students and as transfer students. The loan debt includes student loan debt incurred at USM, but not debt acquired at prior institutions in cases where students transferred to the University of Southern Maine. These figures may differ from those listed in several national publications

The links that follow will provide valuable resources in assisting you with managing of your expenses and overall debt should you choose to borrow.

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