The Promise Scholarship

At the University of Southern Maine, we believe that anyone — regardless of circumstances — who has the drive to succeed and the willingness to work hard deserves a chance at higher education. The Promise Scholarship helps Maine’s young people take that next step to college. Learn more about The Promise Scholarship.

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Every Big Dream Starts Somewhere

The scholarship is just the beginning. USM's Promise Scholars are part of a community that supports personal and academic success on the path to a college degree.
Information for Prospective Promise Scholars

Information for Prospective Promise Scholars

If you’re interested in applying for the Promise Scholarship – or you know someone who is – visit the USM Promise Scholarship page for application information.

Stories of Promise

Mo's path to USM began in Africa, Brianna's in Portland, Maine. Their journeys inspired a new model for helping Maine youth go to college and achieve their dreams.
A student volunteering in a community medical facility

Our Goal

Your support will help ensure that the USM Promise Scholarship program is here for generations to come.