The Tourism and Hospitality program at the University of Southern Maine is designed to develop a creative, innovative workforce that will sustain and grow Maine’s leading industry. 

The program currently offers a Bachelor of Arts in tourism and hospitality, featuring a broad array of courses, specialized concentrations in key skills areas and popular subjects, and faculty whose expertise touches on many aspects of tourism and hospitality.

Both experienced students and those new to the field benefit from in-depth study in all aspects of the industry, from tourism planning and development to running a successful hospitality business, preparing graduates for a variety of career paths.

We welcome students who have an interest in tourism and travel, those currently employed in the hospitality industry, or those who are considering working in this growing field.

Image of ocean-going fishing boat in foreground of a village dock.

Tourism and Hospitality is a multidisciplinary program based in the College of Management and Human Service that draws upon faculty and courses from several departments and colleges throughout the University of Southern Maine.

Program Benefits

  • Curriculum includes a combination of courses in business, planning, recreation, and environment
  • Courses are taught by a core of USM faculty and qualified experts with extensive experience in the tourism industry
  • Courses are available both on campus during day and evening hours and in online and blended formats
  • Professional experiences, including internships and practicums, provide critical, real-world experience for students in various aspects of tourism.
  • Students are engaged in high-level, hands-on training from experts in the field.  Internships and active learning within the community prepare students for real-world challenges and give those working in the field a broader range of experience and the opportunity to create stronger professional networks