Get the personalized planning and support you need to graduate from high school and prepare for college.
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Apply to TRIO Upward Bound

You will earn stipends by actively participating in academic year activities, including campus trips, until graduation. During the summers after each school year, you can attend the residential UB Summer Academy for a one-week on-campus intensive program or a three-week on-campus academic program.

Meet Your Team

We’ve got problem-solving, communication, enthusiasm for education, people skills, and more. Check us out.

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Summer Program

Our Summer Program is in-person and jam-packed with workshops, events, and learning opportunities.


Upward Bound provides support services to help students successfully navigate high school.

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Academic Year

What does the academic year look like for an Upward Bound participant?

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Resources needed to graduate high school and move into college or career can be found here.

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Target Schools

We serve 127 eligible students from area high schools. Check out the area schools Upward Bound serves.