Some of the Many Services Provided to Students

These are some of the services provided to students. You may reach out to your advisor, or, if you have a suggestion or request for a service that you find beneficial, please use our Contact Us form or email

Students will be provided access to study skills and college prep courses.

Upward Bound can provide funding for test fees and application costs.

Students earn monthly stipends by meeting with their advisors and participating in program offerings.

We provide one on one meetings with advisors at your high school or online. We work around classes and jobs to make sure that you are meeting on a regular basis to stay on the track you’ve chosen.

Upward Bound partners with a variety of companies and businesses, to provide access to career panels, career discovery tests, and meetings with professionals.

Our annual Summer Program gives students an on-campus residential opportunity that includes classes, trips, and cultural experiences.

Upward Bound arranges access to leadership weekends and programs where students improve skills and are exposed to the training that will help develop leadership skills they can use after high school.

We provide several opportunities throughout the year for students to meet other college-bound students from Maine that allow them to begin forming networks outside their current high school community.

Throughout the academic year, day and overnight trips are arranged and paid for to allow students to visit the campuses of both in-state and out-of-state Colleges and Universities.