Teaching and Learning Accelerated Graduate Pathway

Program Type
Accelerated Graduate Pathway
Leads to Master of Science in Education (MSEd)
Mode of Study
Pathway: Varies by major

Pathway Highlights

  • Complete both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in as few as 5 years.
  • Take advantage of a time-saving & cost-saving pathway for highly motivated undergraduate students looking ahead to graduate school.
  • Save up to nine credits worth of undergraduate tuition, fees, and expenses.
  • Declare any undergraduate major to be eligible for the pathway.
  • Prepare for in-demand career options: Become eligible for teacher certification in either Elementary (K-6) or Secondary (6-12) grades.
  • Begin your career in education sooner with both your bachelor’s and MSEd degrees in hand.
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How the pathway works

This pathway allows undergraduate course credits to be applied toward the Teaching and Learning — Extended Teacher Education Program (ETEP) graduate program requirements.

Eligible majors

To enroll in this pathway, you’ll select one of the majors below.

To enroll in this Accelerated Graduate Pathway, you should first consider what grade(s) you’d like to teach after completing the MSEd program. If you’d like to teach elementary grades (K-6), you can select any undergraduate major. If you’d like to teach middle or high school (6-12), you’ll need to choose a specific major in order to qualify for teacher certification after completing the MSEd program.

Please be advised that some majors that require 70 credits or more will extend the normal timeline for the pathway.

Major and degreeTeacher certification after earning MSEd
All undergraduate majorsElementary (K-6)
Biology (BS)Secondary (6-12)
Chemistry (BS)Secondary (6-12)
English (BA)Secondary (6-12)
Environmental Science (BS)Secondary (6-12)
Geography-Anthropology/Social Studies (BA)Secondary (6-12)
History/Social Studies (BA)Secondary (6-12)
Mathematics (BA)Secondary (6-12)
Physics (BS)Secondary (6-12)
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Program requirements

You will be required to complete a set of prerequisite courses. You’ll also be required to submit the pathway application while enrolled in 300 or 400 level courses, and before taking any 500 level courses.

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Admission to Teaching and Learning MSEd program

During your undergraduate studies, you will be required to submit the graduate program application along with all required admission materials. Your Academic Advisor will provide guidance on submitting your application.

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About our Teaching and Learning MSEd

We pair an intensive student-teaching internship with evidence-based professional knowledge, ensuring that our students have a highly practical, authentic, and well-supported educational experience.

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Frequently asked questions

Our Accelerated Graduate Pathway to the Teaching and Learning MSEd saves you time and money, and you’ll also have a reduced course load during the intensive graduate internship year.

Next steps

Our helpful admissions counselors are here to answer your questions about the admissions process, our academic programs, and student support services. We also invite you to explore the many ways to visit campus or to engage with us through online experiences.

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Please note: You must enroll at the University before declaring this pathway. This pathway is most beneficial when you declare it as early as possible in your undergraduate studies. Current USM students should contact your Academic Advisor to learn more about how the pathway can work with your current academic progress.