Adult and Higher Education

Peg Wheeler

Peg Wheeler


Place of employment: York County Community College
Title: Director, Veterinary Technology Program

Job description: 

Shortly after starting the AHE program, Peg applied and was chosen for her dream job as Program Director for a brand new veterinary technology program at York County Community College (YCCC). Along with overseeing the program, she also teaches courses.


Peg was teaching the Animal Science and Veterinary Technology program at the University of New Hampshire for over 15 years while also running her small livestock feed/supply and pet care business in Berwick, ME.

As a licensed veterinary technician, Peg was sought out by peers at the University of New Hampshire’s Thompson School of Applied Science to teach a wide range of courses. It was her peers at UNH who also encouraged Peg to complete her Master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education.

Experience in Adult and Higher Education program:

Peg keeps many AHE resources close at hand as she continues to develop as a teacher in the veterinary technology program. Her personal favorites are the works of Parker Palmer, Stephen Brookfield, and John Dewey.

One thing that Peg learned form the AHE program was how profound the impact of a good mentor can be in terms of supporting a life-long love of learning.

As John Dewey notes - and Peg now shares with her students "education is not preparation for life - education is life itself.”  The relief that Peg felt as the result of the AHE program (to stop feeling like instructors had to have all the answers, but could operate as co-learners with the students) was an immeasurable gift.

Peg notes that her first group of graduates-to-be are now authoring what will hopefully be an advanced certificate at York County Community College in veterinary technology topic. She hopes that others will follow.

In her own educational journey, Peg is now exploring opportunities for advance certificates or doctoral programs, while also enjoying some time with her family and her animals.


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