All students enrolled in the Adult and Higher Education program complete one field-study course. This is intended to apply skills, develop valuable career experience, and create networking opportunities. Students are encouraged to identify an area of interest and potential contacts to arrange a collaborative project or internship. We also provide support in identifying partners.

Recent examples of student projects include:

  • designing virtual learning webinars for adult education professionals
  • creating orientation materials for new employees
  • developing a new marketing plan and process to work with clients interested in professional training
  • researching best practices for college transfer students
  • creating a course in the Brightspace Learning Management System
  • researching how to effectively establish a tribal high school
  • developing community learning webinars
  • developing educational programing for a national park
  • creating training materials for staff

Examples of the types of internships include:

  • adult education center
  • advising office
  • Registrar’s office
  • university learning assistance
  • adult language learning classroom
  • university athletic department

Students enrolled in the Master of Science (MS) in Adult and Higher Education have a choice between HRD 687 Internship or HRD 698 Directed Study. There is also the opportunity to combine credits. For example, some students would like to complete 1 credit of HRD 687 Internship (approximately 100 hours) and 2 credits of HRD 698 Directed Study.

Students in the Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Adult Learning will enroll in HRD 685 CAS Completion Project.