USM Art Department

USM ART is a nationally accredited program that provides students with a rigorous studio experience, historical understanding of the complexity of art practices, and the critical skills needed to become informed visual artists, art educators and art historians. Learn more about USM Art Department.

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Travel Iceland

Unique Travel Course Opportunities Available for Art Students.

Since 2017 the USM Art Department has offered annual Travel Courses, allowing students to explore new horizons while gaining knowledge and skill in the Arts.
Dani Cournoyer

Art Student, Dani Cournoyer, Highlighted as a 2019 Featured Graduate at Commencement.

USM honored ten 2019 Graduates who excelled in their classrooms while also achieving success by engaging in their campus and surrounding communities.

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Graduation-Where form here?

Where Do USM Art Students Go After Graduation?

If you were wondering what students do with a Liberal Arts degree, see what some USM Art Department Graduates are doing today.
Hannah Barnes

The Art Department has hired Hannah Barnes as a full-time faculty member for painting and drawing.

We are very happy to announce that Hannah Barnes will be joining the Art Department full-time beginning fall 2019.
Regan Mars ART 222 Image

Expand the Scope of Your Experience with a Digital Media and Design Minor

Combining this minor with an Art Major prepares students with knowledge and skills pertinent to the "real world" applications of digital communication and design.
Art Scholarship Recipients spring 2018

Last Year the Art Department Awarded 3 Art Students Scholarships - This Year 6 Art Students are Receiving Scholarships for the next Academic Year.

See what Scholarships are Available for Art Students and how to help grow Scholarships for Art students.