Gloria S. Duclos Convocation

This year’s Convocation asks each member of our community to question ourselves, our society, our institutions and our leaders. A full year of events on the theme of Race and Participatory Democracy. Learn more about Gloria S. Duclos Convocation.

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Anastasia Antonacos, piano: Celebrating Convocation (5/4)

Hear music inspired by democratic ideals and political events in America and beyond over the past 150 years (8PM)

Artist Talk: Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. & Screening of "Proceed and Be Bold" (5/16)

Meet the artist! A man who is unafraid of asking uncomfortable questions about race and artistic pretension (6:30PM)

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Maine Humanities Council Events

Using literature, history, philosophy, and culture, the MHC brings people together in conversation that crosses social, economic, and cultural barriers.