University of Southern Maine grants credit for the following AICE exams:

  • Advanced Subsidiary (AS-level) exams passed with an “e” or higher
  • Advanced (A-level) exams passed with an “E” or higher

An academic advisor can help you understand how AICE scores fulfill degree requirements. Contact the University’s Advising Services Office at or (207) 780-4040.

Faculty have evaluated the following exams. If you have taken an AICE Exam that is not listed below, please contact the CPL Office at 207-780-4663 or

For students entering in the Fall of 2022 the following equivalencies apply:


AICE SubjectUSM Course EquivalenciesCredit Awarded
BiologyBIO 105 and BIO 106 3, 1.5
ChemistryCHY 1XX3
English General PaperENG 1XX3
Global Perspectives and ResearchCOR 2XX INTL3
**Marine ScienceBIO 103 3
MusicMUS 100 CI3
Physics PHY 1114
PsychologyPSY 1003
**Students must successfully pass an approved 1 credit lab course to fully complete the Science Exploration (SE) core requirement.


AICE SubjectUSM Course EquivalenciesCredit Awarded
ChemistryCHY 1XX with score of C-E
CHY 113 SE and CHY 114 SE with score of B
CHY 113 SE, CHY 114 SE and CHY 115 with score of A
3, 1.5
3, 1.5, 3
English LanguageENG 100 WRI 1 and ENG 1023, 3
Global Perspectives and Research
(no additional credit for AS-Level)
History (American Option)HTY 1XX SCA3
History (European Option)HTY 1XX SCA & INTL3
History (International Option)HTY 1XX SCA & INTL3
MathematicsMAT 140 QR and MAT 1XX3, 3
Further Mathematics MAT 1524
MusicMUS 100 CI and MUS 110 CE3, 3
**PhysicsPHY 111 and PHY 1XX4, 3
PsychologyPSY 100 and PSY 2XX3, 3
Thinking SkillsGEL 1XX 6
**Students who have passed this exam and have a background in Calculus can contact the CPL office regarding an exam option for additional Physics credit.