All CLEP scores of 50 or higher are awarded credit at University of Southern Maine.

An academic advisor can help you understand how CLEP scores fulfill degree requirements. Contact the University’s Advising Services Office at or (207) 780-4040.


CLEP ExamUSM Course EquivalenciesCredit Awarded
Financial AccountingACC 1103
Information SystemsGEL 1XX3
Introduction to Business LawBUS 2XX3
Principles of ManagementBUS 1XX3
Principles of MarketingBUS 2603


CLEP ExamUSM Course EquivalenciesCredit Awarded
American LiteratureCOR 1XX CI3
Analyzing and Interpreting LiteratureENG 1XX CI3
College CompositionENG 100 WRI 13
College Composition ModularGEL 1XX3
English LiteratureCOR 1XX CI6
HumanitiesCOR 1XX SCA6


CLEP ExamUSM Course EquivalenciesCredits Awarded
American GovernmentPOS 101 SCA3
History of the United States I**HTY 131 SCA & CPE3
History of the United States II**HTY 132 SCA3
Human Growth and DevelopmentHRD 2003
Introduction to Educational PsychologyHRD 3XX3
Introductory PsychologyPSY 1003
Introductory SociologySOC 100 SCA3
Principles of MacroeconomicsECO 101 SCA & QR3
Principles of MicroeconomicsECO 102 SCA & QR3
Social Sciences and HistoryCOR 1XX SCA6
Western Civilization I to 1684**HTY 101 SCA3
Western Civilization II 1648 to Present**HTY 102 SCA & INTL3
**Credits earned from any CLEP exam with an HTY prefix do not count toward the 39 credit History major or minor. History majors and minors should replace a 300 level HTY course for any CLEP history exam taken.


CLEP ExamUSM Course EquivalenciesCredit Awarded
BiologyBIO 101 SE and BIO 102 SE (lab)3, 1
CalculusMAT 152 QR4
ChemistryCHY 113 SE3
College AlgebraMAT 108 QR4
College MathematicsMAT 105 QR4
Natural SciencesGEL 1XX6
PrecalculusMAT 140 QR3


CLEP ExamUSM Course EquivalenciesCredit Awarded
French LanguageFRE 1XX8
German LanguageGER 1XX8
Spanish LanguageSPA 1XX8
Spanish with WritingSPA 1XX8