Our experience indicates that students who have studied ASL elsewhere before beginning our program (whether in a college or high school environment or informally) are best advised to start our ASL curriculum at the beginning, in ASL 101.  It is important to recognize that our ASL curriculum is designed from the first course onward to bring students eventually up to the standard required for national certification, and that our curriculum succeeds by that standard.

However, entering students who believe their prior background in ASL would allow them to begin in a more advanced course are sometimes allowed to do so, provided that their skills are first assessed in one of two ways. An ASL placement interview, at a cost of $50, can be conducted by one of our Deaf faculty members. Another option is to take one of two formal assessments that are external to USM.  One is the ASL Assessment (ASLA/USM version), which is available from an outside agency for $155. The other is the ASL Proficiency Interview (ASLPI), which is available through Gallaudet University and costs $185.

Note: Some of the upper-level ASL and interpreting courses require a certain score on the ASLA or ASLPI (see course listing). This sometimes means that students who begin at an advanced level in ASL will need to (re)take the ASLA or ASLPI relatively soon after beginning the program. 

At this time, the hours for ASL placement interview are by appointment.

Payment is due prior to interview appointment. Please contact Sandra Wood to set up an appointment: sandra.wood@maine.edu

Placements above the intermediate level:

Payment is due prior to interview appointment. Please contact Anne Marie Baer to set up an appointment: annemariebaer @ gmail.com