Educational Leadership

EDU 686: Internship in Special Education Administration

This three-semester 9-credit course (3 credit hours each semester) serves as the Capstone experience in the educational administration program for aspiring special education directors. The internship is designed to immerse the student in the everyday tasks of the special education director, providing an opportunity for the student to actually apply the skills and knowledge gained throughout the educational leadership program. The early focus of the course is on the internship in a district setting designed jointly by the student, the internship supervisor, and a district special education director. Out of the internship activities students complete a journal, develop a leadership platform (portfolio), conduct an investigation on an aspect of financial management related to special education and a study of community demographics/ child find and formulate a leadership project based on an issue of importance in special education at the school or district level. Each student is required to produce a written report on the leadership project and to present it at the conclusion of the course. Prerequisite: Open to matriculated students at the end of their Educational Leadership degree program. Cr 9.

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