Educational Leadership

Professional Educator Course Sequencing, Descriptions, Syllabi

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Professional Educator Graduate Courses Credit Syllabi
EDU 514: Improving Teaching in Content Areas Through Literacy 3 pdf
EDU 562: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom 3 pdf
EDU 600: Research Methods and Techniques 3 pdf
EDU 603: Analysis of Teaching 3 pdf
EDU 604: Curriculum Development 3 pdf
EDU 605: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment 3 pdf
EDU 615: Middle Level Curriculum 3 pdf
EDU 617: Teaching in the Middle Level School 3 pdf
EDU 667: Capstone in Professional Educator 3 form
EDU 670: Introduction to Leadership 3 pdf
EDU 671: Organizational Behavior 3 pdf
EDU 695: Topics in Professional Education 3  

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