Lewiston-Auburn College Campus Frequently Asked Question

Q & A (Student & Guest)

Academic Information Office? Room 119 for information. (207)-753-6536

  • Student Success Center-Room 119
    • Hours:
    • Monday-Thursday 8:00am-4:30pm
    • Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
    • Saturday & Sunday Closed
  • Student Success Center- Room 119 also the entrance for the following offices.
    • Advising- Room 124.
    • Admissions- Room126.
    • Student Financial Services- Room 128.
    • Campus Administrator’s offices- Room 119 for information
    • Social Behavioral Science (Admin contact-entrance room 119) Room 135

Café location? Room 148A https://usm.sodexomyway.com/dining-near-me/la-cafe

Café hours:

  • 8:30am -2:00pm Monday-Thursday
  • 8:30-1PM            Friday

Franco American Collection Location?  Room 171

Fitness Center Room 114 Open 8am-4pm Monday-Friday

All students, faculty and staff using the fitness center must check in at the Welcome Desk or Student Success Center before using the fitness center.

Please note the electronic waiver needs to be completed before using the fitness center.

Instructions to complete the electronic waiver are included below.

  • Employee Instructions: You may sign your waiver in MaineStreet, Employee Self-Service panel (where you enter your time or view pay) under the tab titled UMS Recreational Release Form. 
  • Student Instructions: Students access the waiver on their personal USM Dashboard titled – tasks. 

Husky Bucks Card Machine location?  Just before Room 118 on the right side.

Library Location? Room145 Telephone: (207)753-6540


  • Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 6:00pm
  • Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Lounge locations?

  • South End entrance of the building by Room 103 or Room109
  • upstairs 200 wing, near Room 202, access by the elevator or stairs in the Atrium Gallery main entrance.

MOT Office location? Room 185- MOT Clinic

Nursing Admin office? Room153 – Nursing LAB? Room 226

Posting items on the public bulletin board? Needs approval from the Student Success Center- Room 119

Rest room locations?

  1. Across from Room 132
  2. 51 Westminster Street entrance/lobby by Room 171 
  3. New building- upstairs and downstairs near Room189
  4. Student Lounge area second floor above the library in 200 wing: Room 203 & Room 204

Senior College Office location? Room 169

UMA Center at LAC? – Room 162 -Telephone number (207)753-6600

Vending machine location?

  • Near room 103 in South Lounge
  • Across from the Café –   Room 148A