Lewiston-Auburn College (LAC) at the University of Southern Maine, is a leader in interdisciplinary education, integrating the liberal arts with workplace and community. Our mission is to engage and graduate students through a transformational educational experience‚ÄĒpreparing them to be creative critical thinkers, strong and effective communicators, and informed stewards of the world.

Faculty and staff are dedicated to engaging students in a transformative process in which self-awareness, content knowledge, relevant skills, and career development are merged in such a way that lifelong success and learning are intentional and expected.

The curriculum is marked by integration not only among the various disciplines within the liberal arts, but also between the liberal arts and the professional concentrations, between professional concentrations and the workplace, and between the College and the community. The faculty is dedicated to learning as a shared experience between students and faculty. The interdisciplinary focus combines communication, teamwork, writing, fieldwork, critical thinking, civic engagement, and leadership; and uses service learning, career seminars, and internships to help students apply, synthesize, and integrate their learning.

Learning with LEGOs!

Social and Behavioral Science

Social and Behavioral Science students can study play therapy with Dr. Mary Anne Peabody.

The social and behavioral sciences (SBS) degree program integrates perspectives from psychology, sociology, and anthropology as it prepares students for careers in social services, mental health, law and public policy, child and youth services, and education.

School of Nursing

This program prepares individuals to begin their nursing practice in a variety of health care settings and in specialty areas. 

Occupational Therapy

Students in our OT program learn a holistic and integrative approach as they become occupational therapy practitioners.

 USM offers two points of entry into the amazing profession of occupational therapy. These programs are built on an occupation-based curriculum with a student-centered approach.

Entry-Level Doctorate in Occupational Therapy Program is completed in three years.

The Master of Occupational Therapy Program is completed in two years.