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Digital Projects


Digital Projects offers digitization services for the University of Southern Maine. USM Libraries has partnered with the Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education to offer project planning and digital imaging for materials related to the dissemination of University research and preservation of institutional memory.

To submit your materials to the repository please fill out a Repository Release and Service Agreement Form

To request your that materials be digitized by Digital Projects, please submit a Digitization Request and Service Agreement Form


Before you submit a request


To qualify for digitization services applicants must be affiliated with the University of Southern Maine.


Digital Projects will conduct consultation and evaluation from digitization requests as they are received to assist the applicant in preparing for the digitization process.


Digitization requests are processed in the order that they are received. Digital Projects reserves the right to prioritize the order of digitization requests based on various factors including when the materials are ready for digitization and workflow-related issues (e.g. size, format, quantity).


Digital Projects cannot and will not make assessments regarding the copyright status of materials submitted for digitization unless they will be included in the Digital Commons repository. The acceptance of a digitization request and the subsequent provision of digital reproductions by Digital Projects does not constitute permission by any copyright holder and is not a substitute for diligent compliance with all applicable copyright requirements.


Digital Commons reserves the right to decline materials that exhibit signs of extensive fragility, disrepair, volatility, instability, mold, infestation, or other conditions that may adversely affect the aforementioned materials, other materials, or Digital Projects staff and/or equipment during the digitization process.