PLEASE NOTE: As of Fall 2023, the Libraries are no longer facilitating thesis and dissertation binding services. Students may instead upload a digital copy of their thesis to HF Group’s Thesis On Demand site, or to another binding service of their choice. The bindery will print, process, and mail any requested bound thesis copies directly to the student.

Students should prepare their manuscripts, including all documentation, in accordance with the accepted manual of style approved by the appropriate school or department. Information about the general university formatting requirements can be found in the Guidelines for Preparation and Submission of a Master’s Thesis page.

The Libraries no longer require students to submit a copy of their bound thesis to be added to our circulating collections. However, the student may still donate a copy to the Libraries if they so choose.

If you wish to donate a bound copy of your thesis or dissertation to the Libraries, please mail or deliver to the following address:

Shiloh Parker

Glickman Library

314 Forest Avenue

Portland, ME 04104

(207) 780-5417

If you have questions about this process, please contact Library Collections Manager Shiloh Parker.

Students are encouraged to submit a digital copy of their thesis for publication on the USM Digital Commons. Please fill out the USM Content Release Form and email to along with a digital copy of your thesis.
For more information about the Digital Commons, please contact Digital Projects Manager Mary Holt.


How much does binding cost?

The cost of binding your thesis or dissertation can vary based on the vendor, the length of the document, and the quality of the binding. On average, a bound thesis copy will cost between $30-$50.

Do I have to submit a copy of my bound thesis or dissertation to the Libraries?

You do not need to give a copy of your thesis to the Libraries, although you are welcome to do so if you wish.

Does my academic department need a copy of my bound thesis?

It depends on the department. Consult your academic advisor for more information on your program’s requirements.

Am I required to include my thesis or dissertation in the USM Digital Commons?

Adding your work to the USM Digital Commons provides you with a permanent URL that can be used on a resume or CV, and because the repository is web-based your research has potential to be accessed globally. You are also welcome to opt-out of adding your work to Digital Commons or restricting access, and you can indicate so on the form. 

Do you accept digital signatures for the content release form and signature pages?

Yes, we accept digital signatures on the signature pages.