Some F-1 students bring their families with them to the United States during their studies. The F-2 visa is for a dependent spouse or an unmarried child who is under the age of 21. F-2 status enables dependents to stay in the United States during the duration of the F-1 student’s program.

F-1 students must prove that they have financial support to fund their dependents in F-2 status. USM requires the following amount of financial support:

  • $1000/month for the first dependent
  • $500/month for each additional dependent

The following limitations on work and study apply to all F-2 visa holders:

  • An F-2 spouse or child cannot work in the U.S.
  • F-2 children may attend school (K-12) full time
  • At the post secondary/vocational level of study F-2 children and/or spouses may only study on a part time basis.
  • For either the F-2 spouse or child study that is “avocational or recreational in nature” is permitted “up to and including on a full-time basis.

For assistance in applying for F-2 visas please contact Kaoru Phillips or Kimberly Sinclair in the USM International Office