We continue to monitor how the pandemic is evolving on a global scale. If you are planning for study abroad, we also recommend you have a back-up plan in case your plans get derailed. To find the most up to date information regarding the University of Maine System’s policy on study abroad, click here

Upcoming application deadlines

Mar. 8, 2024Applications due for Summer and Fall 2024
Oct. 14, 2024Applications due for January and Spring 2025

*Faculty-led short-term travel programs follow their own individual deadlines listed on its program page

Application components

  • Submit the Study Abroad Application Form
    • Note: We recommend looking over the application before completing it so you have all parts ready, as unfortunately you cannot save as you go.
  • Complete the Budget and Itemization Form
    • Submit your completed form to ksinc@maine.edu For USM reciprocal exchange and partner programs, we already created budget sheets for you to use, so you can reach out to Kimberly for these as well.
  • Two Recommendations from faculty, a least one should be from a USM faculty member in your major
  • Complete the Prior Approval Course Form
    • This is perhaps the most time-consuming form because it involves making at least one appointment with your academic advisor to a) review the requirements you have left to fulfill at USM and to b) review the courses you plan to take overseas and determine how those credits will transfer back to your degree. The Prior Approval Request Course Form must be signed by the dean’s office in your college. Here is a sample prior approval form with a brief explanation on how to fill it out.
    • Hoping to complete some of your USM Core Requirements through courses abroad?
  • Please send an updated transcript to our office. (Requesting an electronic version to be emailed to ksinc@maine.edu is probably the easiest way to do this.)

Note: If you are applying for a study abroad provider program, you will also need to complete their application.