Visiting scholars are an important part of our intellectual climate and academic community. They bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to the dialog about the challenges and opportunities educators face globally.  The designation of “visiting scholar” is typically made for a minimum of three weeks and a maximum of one year. International scholars usually come to USM in a number of ways:

  • Through collaborative research projects with a faculty member, or as a research or teaching associate for a department.
  • Through prior knowledge of individual faculty members and/or the reputation of the Department or the University.
  • Through referral from national or international funding agencies, foundations, Fulbright commissions, IREX, foreign universities, foreign embassies or other reputable national and international organizations. 
  • Through USM partner institutions or other international initiatives.

Visiting scholars must be hosted by a USM department and matched with a USM faculty host for the duration of their affiliation with USM. As you consider hosting a visiting scholar please review the host and scholar expectations listed below:

  • Work with the Office of International Programs to secure the necessary invitations from USM to allow for the issuance of visa documents (letters of invitation/approval from the Chair, Dean and/or Provost)
  • Pick up and drop off the visiting scholar at the airport and help the scholar settle in.
  • Notify the Office of International Programs of the visiting scholar’s expected arrival date on campus and departure date.
  • Work with the visiting scholar in finding off-campus housing.
  • Work with the Office of International Programs to help the visiting scholar secure access to USM services (ID, email, library, etc.)
  • Introduce the visiting scholar to the department and other colleagues.
  • Refer the scholar to appropriate resources, lectures, and other opportunities.
  • Schedule regular meetings with the scholar and ensure progress is being made with their research.
  • Identify opportunities for the scholar to learn about U.S. culture and be actively engaged with the campus community.
  • Notify the Office of International Programs if the scholar is absent for a significant period of time and/or not making reasonable progress with their research.
  • Understand the limits of the J-1 category assigned to your visiting scholar to help ensure they maintain compliance and do not violate the terms of their visa status. (The Office of International Programs can provide additional guidance in this area.)
  • Comply with all university regulations.
  • Deliver presentations, meet with classes or student groups that share common characteristics or interests, participate as a guest speaker within the scholar’s disciplines, or in courses related to language and culture.
  • Meet with your faculty host on a regular basis.
  • Actively pursue opportunities to learn about U.S. culture.
  • Submit a report on achievements, presentations and research efforts to the faculty host and the Office of International Programs prior to your departure.
  • Understand the limits of your visa type and category and do not violate your visa status.

Ready to Invite a Visiting Scholar to USM?

Information on the process and the additional documentation which must be submitted as a component of the application is available here.