Kanda Gaigo University is located in Makuhari, Chiba prefecture, which is one of Japan’s most modern, technologically advanced cities. Makuhari is also famous for Japan’s second largest convention centerMakuhari Messe, and is home to the Chiba Lotte Marines baseball team. This area also has a famous Japanese garden and teahouse,  extensive shopping facilities and  the beautiful  Makuhari beach

The university is located along Tokyo Bay, about a half an hour from Tokyo and less than an hour from Narita International Airport.


Kanda Gaigo Japanese Language & Culture Program

USM students who wish to attend Kanda Gaigo University will enroll in their Japanese Language & Culture Program.

  • Program is equivalent to 14-15 credits per semester
  • All levels of Japanese Language Available
  • Some previous Japanese study is recommended.
  • Several electives are taught in English

Sample Course selection (No Prior Japanese Language Experience)

Requirement courses:
Japanese Interaction Basic – 3 credits
Intensive Japanese A – 3 credits
Intensive Japanese B – 2 credits
Japanese in Context – 4 credits
Japanese in Context IES – 1 credit
Elective – 2 credits-1 elective (Japanese popular culture, history, sociology, etc.)
Total 15 credits

Sample Course selection (Beginning Japanese Language Level)

Requirement courses:
Japanese Interaction 1 – 3 credits
Intensive Japanese A – 3 credits
Intensive Japanese B – 2 credits
Elective  – 6 credits (1 sociolinguistics OR 3 electives from Japanese popular culture, history, sociology, etc.)
Total 14 credits

Student Support System

  • Supportive mentor/buddy system which matches US students with Japanese students
  • After-class tutoring is also provided.
  • Small classes with international faculty
  • Class visitor system allows students to interact with a wide variety of Japanese students/people.

Academic Requirements

Kanda Gaigo requires a minimum 2.7 GPA. It is recommended that students have some prior Japanese language experience.

Kanda Gaigo’s Academic Term

  • Fall runs from mid-September to mid-January. They will accommodate students who wish to come back before Christmas.  
  • Spring runs early April to late July

Additional Information

Housing at Kanda Gaigo

On campus housing is recommended for USM students at a cost of approximately $900 per month which includes water and electricity fees. On campus housing in the KUIS International Student Dormitory consists of all single rooms with bath and toilet and contains basic furniture. Although meals are not provided there is a communal kitchen for cooking.  Off campus housing averages around $1170 per month.


Student attending Kanda Gaigo University will pay USM in-state tuition and fees for 14 credits. Students pay locally for housing and meals.  Estimated cost for meal is $130 per month.

USM students attending Kanda Gaigo will be required to purchase Japanese National Health Insurance at a cost of approximately $200 per year or $100 per semester.

Monthly Living Scholarships

Students are eligible to receive a Monthly Living Expenses Support Scholarship in the amount of  $160 per month (approximate) to help support their expenses during the first semester. In order to remain eligible students must have 90% or above class attendance.

Student Visas

Students attending Kanda Gaigo must obtain a student visa to study in Japan. To learn more about the visa process please visit Consulate General of Japan in Boston website