Winchester’s Location

Winchester is one of the oldest and most beautiful cathedral cities in the United Kingdom. It is a historically rich city that was once home to the Saxon and Norman Kings of England. Set in the rolling countryside of southern England, Winchester is a small but bustling city with a population of just over 35,000. It is centrally located in Southern England, just an hour’s train ride away from London. Winchester repeatedly earns a high rate of student satisfaction!


Winchester is a great location for Arts and Humanities students. It’s also a favorite among Business students. Winchester might be an especially good fit for the following majors: Archaeology, American Studies, Business, Film Studies, Film Production, Journalism, Media Studies & Production, Theater, Choreography & Dance, Musical Theater and Performing Arts, Education, English & Creative Writing, History, Psychology, Sports Studies, Sports Science, Sports Management, Sports Coaching and Development

Winchester requires a minimum 2.8 GPA and the academic calendar can be found here

Course Selection & Transfer Credit

A full load at Winchester is 60 Winchester credits, which is equal to 12 USM credits. Many courses are worth 15 Winchester credits which equals three USM credits. There are a few 30 credit courses that span for the full academic year. It is highly unlikely you will be able to take a full-year course if you are only studying at Winchester for one semester. Please consult with the Office of International Programs before considering one. 

Like most UK schools, undergraduate degree programs at Winchester are completed in 3 years. That means that courses transfer back to USM in the following way:

Winchester Year 1 (also called level 4) = 200 Level USM Course
Winchester Year 2 (also called level 5) = 300 Level USM Course
Winchester Year 3 (also called level 6) = 300 or 400 Level USM Course

You can view the course/module catalogs for study abroad students at the links below

Spring 2023 Module Catalog for Study Abroad Students

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Additional Information

Student attending the University of Winchester in the fall will pay USM in-state tuition and fees for 12 credits. Students pay Winchester locally for the cost of on-campus room and board. Students who attend in the spring are not guaranteed to get the reciprocal rate, though we have been able to offer this in the past. Please check with USM’s Office of International Programs.

If you are a US passport holder studying in the UK for 6 months or less you do not need a student visa. Visas are a MUST for students studying in the UK for the full academic year.