The University of Southern Maine’s Office of Research Integrity has two separate federally registered collaborative IRBs: Social Behavioral and Biomedical

At this time our IRB is the ‘IRB of record’ for several institutions throughout Maine and the rest of the country.  These institutions include but are not limited to: higher education entities, State agencies, and hospitals. 

Such an arrangement would provide access to resources and subject matter expertise without additional cost and perhaps even generate some savings. If you do not currently have a board to review research projects, we would be happy to serve as your reviewing board so that your institution can participate in research otherwise unavailable without an IRB. 

If you have an interest in such a collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Research Integrity and Outreach!

The University of Southern Maine has applied to the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program (AAHRPP) accreditation. AAHRPP is an international, independent nonprofit organization that reviews and accredits an institution’s human research protections program (HRPP).

IRB Member Resources

Human Subject Research Protection Program (HRPP)

Cary Medical Center

Choice Research Associates

Colorado Division of Criminal Justice

Council of State Governments (Ltd) Justice Center

Covenant Health, Inc

Crime Research Group

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Maine’s 7 Community Colleges

Maine College of Health Professionals

Maine Department of Corrections

Maine Department of Education

Maine Department of Health and Human Services

Maine Maritime Academy

Partnerships for Health

Portland Public Health

Select Medical Corporation

University of Maine at Augusta

University of Maine at Farmington

University of Maine at Presque Isle

University of Southern Maine

Social and Behavioral IRBBiomedical IRB
R. Bruce Thompson, PhD
Chair, Social Behavioral IRB
University of Southern Maine
Jenae Limoges, MD
Chair, Biomedical IRB
Central Maine Healthcare
George Shaler, MPH
Vice Chair, Social Behavioral IRB
University of Southern Maine
Debra Gillespie, PhD, RN
Vice Chair, Biomedical IRB
University of Southern Maine
Nancy Birkhimer, MPH
Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention
Susan Belanger, PhD, MA, RN, NEA-BC
Covenant Health, Inc
Shawn Flower, PhD
Choice Research Associates
Rachel Brown, Ph.D., NCSP
University of Southern Maine
Joel Gilbert, MHRT/C
Maine Department of Corrections
Alexander Clifford, PhD
Maine College of Health Professionals
Paul E Johnson, PhD
University of Maine at Presque Isle
Ann Curtis, DNP RN
Maine College of Health Professionals
Beth Lubetkin, MBA, MS
Community Member
Regen Gallagher, DO
Cary Medical Center
Peter Miller, RN, CNE
Central Maine Community College
Michelle Mitchell, MSocSc
Partnerships for Health
Michael Rocque, PhD
Bates College
Stacey Mondschein Katz, JD
Maine Department of Health and Human Services
Caroline Shanti, PhD, LCSW
University of Southern Maine
Kit Thompson
Community Member
Julie Simpson, PhD
University of New Hampshire
Andrea Stairs-Davenport, PhD
University of Southern Maine

USM’s Office of Research Integrity and Outreach (ORIO) is offering to review non-USM research projects as a service to the general community of Maine in an effort to help foster academic and scientific efforts in the pursuit of knowledge.

We realize that for many institutions, it is not practical to maintain a standing review committee, yet their external funding requires formal IRB approval. If you are an institution or individual investigator in need of a review by a federally registered IRB with a federal-wide assurance, we would be very happy to offer our review services to you.

The fee schedule for this service can be found below. If the potential protocol volume is substantial, i.e. more than a dozen projects to review a year, we are happy to discuss a flat annual rate to be paid and not a per protocol review fee, increasing their savings.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at (207) 780-4517.

Fee Schedule (pdf)

External IRB Review Request (Google form)

Meet the team – typically a Zoom call

As applicable, set up/sign the agreement

Human Research Protection Program

Submitting Research

IRB Organization (IORG)#: IORG0001507

The Federalwide assurance number for USM is FWA00001748

IRB 1953, U of Southern Maine IRB #1, Portland, OHRP Only, Active: Social Behavioral

IRB 11534, U of Southern Maine IRB #2, Portland, OHRP/FDA, Active: Biomedical

New/Renew Federalwide Assurance (FWA) instructions