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eProtocol Training request - Contact ORIO office at or 207-78-4517

If applicable, Organizational Agreement

Agree to service term (first term is usually one year)

Receive an email with below information/instructions:

Receive information for the next Board meeting. See you there!

All members are expected to:

  1. Attend regularly scheduled meetings or notify the Office of Research Integrity and Outreach in advance if unable to attend. Specifically, a member must attend 50% of scheduled IRB meetings in a calendar year. Frequent absence may result in loss of membership status;
  2. Serve as a reviewer for expedited protocols, and/or serve as primary reviewer for Full-Board reviews, upon request;
  3. Sufficiently prepare for protocol reviews by reading all submitted application materials, and take an active part in the deliberation process when present for full board meetings;
  4. Recuse oneself from voting or participating in IRB business when the member is the topic of business, including when the member is the PI or key personnel on an application under review;
  5. Recuse oneself from voting or participating in IRB business when the member has a real or perceived conflict of interest concerning the matter at hand. 

In addition, members must fulfill the following educational requirements:

  1. Complete the CITI online IRB Members training module on Human Subjects Protection ( before voting, and every 4 years thereafter.
  2. Maintain any special or required credentials for those serving in specialized roles.
  3. Attend the annual workshop.