Interior view of the parking garage with 7 parked cars

Parking Services

Parking Services is here to help all students, employees, and visitors navigate parking on our campuses in Portland, Gorham, and Lewiston. We can help you with information on parking permits, rules and regulations, ticketing and appeals, and the Portland Parking Garage.

Three metro buses with images of huskies on each

Transportation to USM

The University of Southern Maine recognizes that not every student, staff or faculty has the power and privilege of owning a personal vehicle. There are a variety of options to get to the University, including carpooling, riding the bus, a bike, a train, or walking.

Aerial view of Portland Campus looking west

Transportation Planning

The University of Southern Maine is continually evaluating how people commute to campus and find parking. This evaluation includes motor vehicles, motorcycles, buses, bicycles, walking trips and more.