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IB Equivalencies and Passing Scores

The University of Southern Maine grants academic credit for students who have earned a 4 or higher on Standard-Level or Higher-Level International Baccalaureate exams. Faculty have evaluated the following exams:

Students entering in the Fall of 2022 must receive a score of 4 or higher on a Standard-Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL) IB exam. 

IB Subject SL Exam Equivalency HL Exam Equivalency
Biology     BIO 105, 106, 107 SE 9 cr
Chemistry     CHY 113 SE, 114 SE 4 cr
Dance     THE 1XX CE 3 cr
Economics     ECO 101 SC, 102 SC 6 cr
English A  ENG 145 CI 3 cr ENG 140 CI 3 cr
Geography     GEO 103 SC & INTL 3 cr
History     HTY 1XX SC & INTL 3 cr
**Language B

FRE 201 CI
SPA 201 CI

4 cr
4 cr

FRE 201 CI, 202 CI & INTL 
SPA 201 CI, 202 CI & INTL

8 cr
8 cr

       Apps & Interpret


4 cr

Music Solo Peformance MUH 105 CI & CPE 3 cr MUH 105 CI & CPE, MUS 110 CE 6 cr
Physics     PHY 111 SE, 112 SE 8 cr
Psychology     PSY 100 3 cr
Visual Arts     ART 1XX CE 3 cr

**Language credits earned through IB do not satisfy the foreign language requirement of the International Studies track in the Political Science major.

If you have taken an IB Exam that is not listed above, please contact the USM PLA Office at 207-780-4663 or

Receiving Credit for your IB exams at USM

Please have your official IB transcript sent to USM via their electronic transcript process.  For more information on requesting transcripts please use this link.

Once the PLA office has received your official IB transcript, your credits will be evaluated and posted to your USM academic transcript. You will be notified when we have evaluated and posted your credits.


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