Here you can find links and information on life on campus such as dining, mail services, parking services, and more.

Dining Services

There are multiple dining options on our campuses, including the Brooke’s dining hall and the Husky Hideaway on the Gorham campus and the McGoldrick dining hall and the Luther Bonney café on the Portland campus. Dining is the best resource to answer questions about food offerings, dietary restriction concerns, and how meal plans function.

Mail Services

All mail and packages are handled by Mail Services. In Gorham, they are located in the lower level of Upton-Hastings hall. In Portland, they are located in Sullivan Gym, on the Durham street entrance side.

Parking Services

Located in the lower level of the parking garage on the Portland campus, Parking Services can assist with all parking related questions, such as obtaining a parking pass, guest parking, and parking locations.

Room Changes

Room changes are considered once we’ve tried to problem solve in other ways (mediation with the RA, then the RD, etc.). There is a room freeze on for the first two weeks of the semester, and again starting in late November through the end of January, during which no room moves will be made. Room changes may resume late January for spring semester.  Students should anticipate that if they have a vacancy in their room, students may be offered that space.

The Room Change Request form is in the student housing portal. Through this form, students may begin the process of requesting a room change. Room change requests will be reviewed by Residential Life staff, and moves will be dependent on available open spaces. 

Students may not move to another space without prior approval from the Residential Life Housing Specialist or Resident Directors. Unauthorized moves will result in automatic fees and a follow up meeting with the Resident Director. 

The University reserves the right to change residence hall or room assignments and to make reassignments for the benefit of the individual resident, or the University.  The University reserves the right to consolidate vacancies.

Students living in suites or apartments with one or more vacancies need to keep the other side of the room or empty bedroom clean. Notification of a new roommate will be given as soon as possible. 24 hours notice is the goal, but it may be shorter if there is an urgent need to move a student in to housing. 

Please note that different room types have different rates

Residence Hall Policies

This page contains our general policies of living on campus including alcohol, guests, fire safety, and others.