Rooms and meal plans are billed per semester for 9-month contracts.
A meal plan is required as part of the housing contract, and may only be canceled by apartment residents who have full kitchens.
See below for details.

Room Types & Rates – 9-Month Contracts (cost is per person)Fall 2023 costSpring 2024 cost
Gorham – Double room$3,065.00$3,065.00
Gorham – Single room$3,670.00$3,670.00
Gorham – Suite with double bedroom$3,890.00$3,890.00
Gorham – Suite single room$4,130.00$4,130.00
Gorham – Apartment double room$4,500.00$4,500.00
Gorham – Apartment single room$4,750.00$4,750.00
Portland – Two-person single pod$3,995.00$3,995.00
Portland – Single with ensuite bathroom$4,130.00$4,130.00
Portland – Four-person double apartment$4,590.00$4,590.00
Portland – Four-person single apartment$5,260.00$5,260.00
Portland – Two-person single apartment$5,765.00$5,765.00
Portland – One-person efficiency apartment$6,250.00$6,250.00

For those selecting 12-month contracts, please note that the yearly cost may differ depending on if you are in the same room type for all 12 months, or if you are in a different room type for the summer. If you have any questions on this, please contact us at

Room Types & Rates – 12-Month Contracts (cost is per person)Yearly Cost
Gorham – Double room$7,832.78
Gorham – Single room$9,378.89
Gorham – Suite with double bedroom$9,941.11
Gorham – Suite single room$10,554.44
Gorham – Apartment double room$11,500.00
Gorham – Apartment single room$12,138.89
Portland – Two-person single pod$10,209.44
Portland – Single with ensuite bathroom$10,554.44
Portland – Four-person double apartment$13,442.22
Portland – Four-person single apartment$11,730.00
Portland – Two-person single apartment$14,732.78
Portland – One-person efficiency apartment$15,972.22

Meal Plan RatesFall 2023 costSpring 2024 cost
Residential Way Meal Plan – 10 Meals per week,
$300 meal plan dollars per semester, plus 2 guest meals
Husky Drive Meal Plan – 14 Meals per week,
$175 meal plan dollars per semester, plus 2 guest meals
Unlimited Meal Plan – unlimited meal swipes at Brooks Dining Hall,
$100 meal plan dollars per semester, plus 2 guest meals.
Required for all first-year residents; cannot be changed the first semester.

Residential Meal Plan Details

All weekly meals can currently be used in Gorham (Brooks Dining Hall, Husky Hideaway), Portland (Hungry Huskies Food Truck, Luther Bonney Café, Maine Law Café, and Library Starbucks location), and Lewiston (LAC Café) during any meal period.  Students wishing to use a residential weekly board meal swipe in Portland or LAC Café will be given a meal exchange, which consists of an entrée, side, dessert, and a beverage option.  They will need to inform the cashier they are using a meal exchange, and not meal plan dollars, flex dollars, or Husky Bucks. Unused weekly meals do not carry over from week to week (example: if only 7 meals are used on a 10-meal plan one week, it resets to 10 meals for the next week, not 13 meals). Updates for Fall 2023 will be posted as we get closer to the start of the 2023-2024 academic year.

Even easier, download and use the new Everyday App (previously called Bite) and it calls out exactly what a meal is, and it can be preordered.  Lastly, Dining Services will have their Kiwibot robots delivering meals all around campus in Portland and Gorham.  Guests would just need to order their meal through the Everyday App and select the Kiwibot delivery and the robot will bring it to the front door of the building they are in.  More information is at Dining Services.

Meal plan dollars may be used at any dining location, snack bar, or kiosk on any campus. 

*Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors may change their meal plan at Dining Services during the first two weeks of each semester.  After that, no other meal plan changes may be made for the semester. Apartment residents: Meal plans are assigned to apartment residents, but they are optional. Meal plans must be canceled in writing before the meal plan goes into effect at the start of the fall semester in order to receive a full refund. If the meal plan is canceled by apartment residents in the first two weeks of the Fall meal plan period, apartment residents will receive a 90% refund, and after the second week, their meal plans cannot be canceled. Failure to cancel prior to the deadline locks the student into the meal plan for that semester.