Do you have a summer internship in or near Portland? The University of Southern Maine has housing for college students with local area internships for the summer. This year the Summer Intern Housing for interns is on our Gorham campus in Upperclass Hall and on our Portland Campus is Portland Commons. Please note, space in Portland Commons is very limited and the majority of summer housing will be in Upperclass Hall.  

Who is eligible for Summer Intern Housing? 

  • Those currently enrolled at a college or university (i.e., you haven’t graduated) or a University of Maine System matriculated and enrolled student AND
  • Have a local internship (i.e., not a remote internship). Our housing is limited and we cannot accommodate interns who want to live in Maine but are working remotely.

Who is not eligible for Summer Intern Housing?

  • UMS interns who have graduated or are not currently enrolled at their institution (that is, one cannot apply for summer housing simply because of a job in the area)
  • Spouses or partners, unless also meeting eligibility criteria
  • Children 

What are the Summer Intern Housing dates?

  • Summer interns can live on campus for Summer 2024 between May 13th and August 10th. 
  • Those who start after May 13th or leave before August 10th will have their charges prorated based on the cancellation terms below.

How to apply:

  • The first required step is to complete the intake form. This is NOT the housing application.
    • The intake form asks for demographic information, internship information, and other details. Your internship participation will be confirmed by our office. If approved, a USM ID number and a USM email address will be generated for you. You will need these before you can complete a housing application.
  • Activate your USM email.
    • After your ID number and email are generated by HR, you will receive an email giving you that information, and instructions for activating your email. You will need this for the following step!
  • Check your new email and submit a photo.
    • Once you have an ID number and email, the USM Card Office will reach out to your new email with instructions for submitting a photo to them. They will not send this to your home university email address. After they receive your online photo submission, they will then create a USM photo ID card for you, which you will need to access the residence hall, Metro bus, and other services on campus. 
  • Access the Residential Life and Housing Portal to complete a housing application
    • You will have access after your record has been created. Instructions will be emailed to your address once you are approved for summer housing. 

 Payment terms:

  • Payment in full is required before move-in, by bank check or money order, after you are assigned, OR
  • You may have an arrangement whereby your company has an agreement with Residential Life to pay for your housing
  • We do not offer payment plans, and cannot accept credit cards

Cancellation terms:

  • Cancellation in writing to before your move-in date: 100% refund
  • Cancellation in writing to after your move-in date (even if you have not checked in) but before the midpoint of assigned stay: 50% refund
  • No refunds for written cancellations/check-outs after the midpoint of your assigned stay
  • Cancellations will not be taken by phone- we must receive them in writing to
  • Refunds take a minimum of 10 business days, as the checks must be processed outside of Residential Life. Refund checks will be sent to the home address indicated on your intake form
ROOM TYPESINTERN ROOM RATES: Rates are per person rates 
Please know that all Portland Commons spaces and apartments of all types are in high demand, and we have fewer of them than Gorham suites. Although we try to accommodate preferences, we will assign applicants where we have space if their first choice or second choice is not available.Full summer 2024 rates are for stays from Monday, May 13th (earliest move-in date) to Saturday, August 10th (latest move-out date).  Partial stays will be prorated based on move-in and move-out dates indicated on the housing application.
Gorham 4-person, 4-bedroom Apartment UMS Intern Rate: $3,940.00
Non-UMS Intern Rate: $4,610.00
Gorham 4-person, 2-bedroom Apartment UMS Intern Rate: $3,730.00
Non-UMS Intern Rate: $4,365.00
Gorham 4-person, 2-bedroom Suite

Portland Single with ensuite bathroom

Portland 1 person efficiency Apartment

Portland 2-person 2-bedroom Apartment

Portland 4-person 2-bedroom Apartment

Portland 4-person 4-bedroom Apartment

Portland 2-person 2-bedroom with ensuite bathroom
UMS Intern Rate: $3,225.00
Non-UMS Intern Rate: $3,775.00

UMS Intern Rate: $3,745.00
Non-UMS Intern Rate: $4,820.00

UMS Intern Rate: $5,665.00
Non-UMS Intern Rate: $7,290.00

UMS Intern Rate: $5,225.00
Non-UMS Intern Rate: $6,725.00

UMS Intern Rate: $4,160.00
Non-UMS Intern Rate: $5,355.00

UMS Intern Rate: $4,770.00
Non-UMS Intern Rate: $6,135.00

UMS Intern Rate: $3,620.00
Non-UMS Intern Rate: $4,660.00

Learn more about Upperclass Hall and Portland Commons!

We will assign interns with other interns for the most part, unless our open spaces preclude this.

Questions or concerns? Please contact us at