The School of Education and Human Development serves a vital community role. Through our partnerships and research in K-12 schools, higher education, and government policy, we foster equity and excellence in Maine’s education and human development systems.

Our partnerships also enrich the work of our students and faculty by providing meaningful site work, professional networks, and stimulating learning environments.

We conduct both independent and sponsored research in education policy and the public education system. Our research supports the work of our faculty and students while providing critical information about the state of education and human resource development in Maine.

Our Partnerships and Research

What we do: CEPARE serves Maine’s public-policy needs through research, evaluation, and studies. The Center also co-directs the Maine Education Policy Research Institute (MEPRI), which is jointly funded by the Maine State Legislature and the University of Maine System.

Who we serve: K-12 school districts, agencies, organizations, university faculty, and state government.

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What we do: This grant-funded program promotes awareness of equity issues and provides resources and support to help ensure excellence in education for all children in Maine schools.

Who we serve: K-12 school districts.

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What we do: The Council supports the University’s School of Education and Human Development through input on curriculum, fundraising efforts, and scholarship support.

Who we serve: By supporting and advising the University’s School of Education and Human Development, we, in turn, serve the greater K-12 community.

For more information about our External Advisory Council, please contact Kim Warren.

What we do: The Center offers academic and continuing-education (CEU) credit for re-certification and endorsement through academic courses, workshops, and conferences.

Who we serve:

  • K-12 educators: You can earn either academic credit or CEUs through our academic courses and professional development programs.
  • K-12 school districts: We design and deliver professional development programs tailored to each school district’s specific needs.
  • Human resource and mental health organizations: We offer professional development opportunities for counselors, school psychologists, and adult educators.
  • Educational non-profit organizations and professional associations: We provide CEU credit for individuals in organizations that provide targeted educational instruction.

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What we do: The Partnership promotes equitable, academically rigorous, and personalized public education to prepare students for learning, work, and citizenship. We serve as a regional center of the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) and as a member of the National Education Association (NEA).

Who we serve: K-12 school districts.

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What we do: The Project includes a community of diverse educators who are passionate about building knowledge and transforming classroom practices across the curriculum to improve writing and learning for all students. We offer institutes, camps, workshops, and retreats for education professionals as well as students.

Who we serve: Administrators, classroom teachers, and specialists from all grade levels and content areas in K-12 and in higher education.