Undergraduate Teacher Education

Our Alumni

The University of Southern Maine (USM) Teacher Education program prepares teachers who are passionate about education and about the curriculum that they teach.

Because our unique Teacher Education Pathways allow students to combine a subject-specific major with teacher preparation courses and student teaching experience, our graduates are prepared with a strong academic foundation and superior education background.

Jennifer Daigle '16, Bachelor of Arts

Secondary Teacher Education Pathway (7-12), Mathematics Major

“I came to USM knowing that I wanted to teach. What made the University’s Teacher Education Program stand out to me was that I could earn a BA in Math, complete the education courses required by the Maine DOE for certification, start gaining classroom experience my first year of college, and have two internships –– all in 4 years.

Since I had two semesters of internship student-teaching, I was able to spend one semester in a high school and the other in a middle school. Before the end of that academic year, I received a job offer at that high school where I was interning. I still can't imagine being anywhere else.”

Casey White '16, Bachelor of Art

Elementary Teacher Education Pathway (K-8) — English Major

“I truly believe that the Teacher Education Program at USM prepared me for a successful career in teaching. After graduation, I was hired by the school where I completed my student teaching internship as a fourth-grade teacher.

Being a first-year teacher is tough, but I am thankful for the education that I received at USM. I feel as though I was able to overcome and grow from the challenges that I faced with the knowledge that I gained during my four years at USM.” 

Marco Risbara ’17, Bachelor of Arts

Secondary Teacher Education Pathway (7-12) — STEM Major

“My time in USM’s Teacher Education Program brought me through the realities of being an educator in the twenty-first century. Because of my field experience, I can walk into my classroom prepared to meet the many needs of my students. I have a toolbox of strategies, mentors, and colleagues that I can tap for help if I need it.

The program provided me with a deep understanding of proficiency-based learning, and with experience in creating standards-based lessons, which a lot of school districts are implementing. Because of this, I can become a leader to other educators in the field, helping schools better serve their students’ needs!”