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USM Online Frequently Asked Questions

In a USM Online Program, the degrees earned are equivalent to degrees earned through a traditional college experience. That being said, there are some differences that arise through the online mode of instruction:

Online Learning is Flexible

In an online classroom, you have the flexibility to learn anywhere there is an internet connection! There are still due dates, but you have more agency over your space and the pace of your learning.

What is an Online Classroom like? Synchronous versus Asynchronous Structure.

  • Asynchronous learning takes place online with:
    • No required online meeting times
    • No required on-campus or in-person meetings
    • Can include online proctoring if students have flexibility in scheduling times and can complete from their home
  • Synchronous learning takes place online and: 
    • Has required video or audio meeting times. 
    • Courses may be a blend of synchronous meeting times and asynchronous activity that replaces course meetings.
    • Can include online real-time proctoring

Online Learning Enhances Your Tech Skills

In an online environment, you have the opportunity to interact with different platforms and digital technologies. These technology competencies can help you succeed in a competitive job market and in your career.

If you are looking to enhance your skills, change your career, or would like new leadership and networking opportunities, USM Online will give you the opportunity and resources to support you while gaining an education.

For most online programs at USM, undergraduate tuition is $298 per credit hour ($894 per three-credit class) and graduate tuition is $447 per credit hour ($1341 per three-credit class) for the 2022-2023 academic year, plus any required fees. For full details about tuition, please visit Student Financial Services.

The University of Southern Maine offers a number of programs to help students address this concern:

Typically, a bachelor’s degree can be earned in four years and a master’s degree can be earned in two years. USM Online students can earn their degree even more quickly with our select accelerated graduate programs and 7- week course options.

It depends on your prior college history! We recommend working with our Transfer Affairs Office and Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Office to learn more about how your prior degrees and experiences can transfer to the program you are interested in.

Yes! USM Online offers fully asynchronous programs, which means you can earn your degree on your time without having to worry about coming into a physical class. Since there are no required online meeting times in asynchronous programs, your classes won’t interfere with your work schedule.

  • Lower Tuition, Less Debt!
    • According to U.S. News data, “The average cost of tuition and fees in 2021-2022 for a private college was … significantly higher than the average tuition and fees at public universities and colleges[.]”
  • Student Focused Everyday
    • As a public institution, the University of Southern Maine strives to be the University of Everyone. We also have the unique advantage of our smaller class sizes, which creates a more in-depth and direct learning environment between students and instructors.
  • Diversity on Campus and in the Classroom
    • The University of Southern Maine offers a vibrant community that celebrates diversity. We also offer a large number of academic programs, so you have many options. As a student in our vibrant community, you will have access to a great range of clubs, activities, and specialized classes.

For information on our admission requirements, please refer to the Office of Admissions by clicking here.