Academic Gains through Improved Learning Effectiveness (AGILE)

AGILE Overview


We know that as a USM student, you work very hard to balance your academics with other areas of your life. That is, you are “a student, and”:

  • An employee
  • A partner, parent, or caretaker
  • An athlete, performer, artist, or student leader

This makes it even more important for your academic “time on task” to be effective and efficient. Your time is valuable, so you need to be able to get the most out of every class meeting, every assigned reading or homework, every exam preparation, every group study session. 

A student jugging many items.Have you ever found, though, that there never seems to be enough time?

Have you found there are times when you finish reading a chapter or article, and realize, “I have no idea of what I just read”?

Have you walked into an exam feeling prepared, then realized when you saw the questions that you were not?

Anyone who has been in a learning situation has experienced these at some point. However, there is a better way, and this website can help. We want to help you, as a USM student, avoid common learning challenges, and instead increase your memory, understanding, academic performance, and enjoyment of learning. These strategies will involve self-testing, active practice, making connections between ideas, all of which will maximize your academic time both inside and outside of the classroom.

The mantra we want you to remember is: “Be an AGILE learner”.

At first, some of these approaches may seem like “more work”, but that’s normal! Any time we try a new behavior with any area of our life, it takes more thought and effort. By practicing these strategies, you will see improvements very quickly, and soon these habits will become your “new normal”.