We want to help USM students avoid common learning challenges, and instead increase their memory, understanding, academic performance, and enjoyment of learning. To help students along this path, the following articles have been published, featuring learning strategies and service spotlights.

“AGILE My Inbox” emails sent to USM students: 

“Learning: It’s What You DO That Matters” articles published in the Free Press across the academic year:

The Learning Commons YouTube Channel contains dozens of videos with step-by-step instructions on various academic strategies to help students achieve their academic goals. Visit our most frequented YouTube playlists and videos hyperlinked below or visit The Learning Commons YouTube Channel directly to access our comprehensive list!

 Academic Support Services:

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Below are several worksheets, study strategy “how-tos,” checklists, and visual images designed to provide motivation and guidance when choosing or changing our approaches to academics. 

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Planning Tools and Worksheets:

Note-taking and Study Strategies: 

Tip Sheets and Checklists: 

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The “Becoming as Successful Learner” virtual series in Brightspace was designed to help USM students navigate the demands, technologies, and opportunities of being a college learner. The modules in this series are filled with “doing”, including how to practice effective learning strategies, navigate the Brightspace learning environment, collaborate with others via Zoom and Google tools, prepare for the semester, and much more! Enrolling in the “Becoming a Successful Learner” course on USM’s Brightspace landing page is the first step to gaining access to the modules. 

Once enrolled, USM students, faculty, and staff can use the “Becoming a Successful Learner” homepage link to access the course directly or choose to visit individual modules via the links below:

For in-depth guidance on specific academic strategies, visit our Study Skills and Learning Strategies page.