Academic Gains through Improved Learning Effectiveness (AGILE)

AGILE Workshops

We want to help you, as a USM student, maximize your academic success. Our AGILE workshops are designed to provide you with an engaging experience to enhance learning using the most efficient and effective strategies for academic success in college. Workshops are organized by topic and designed to meet the demands of academics throughout the semester, because when it comes to learning, it’s what you DO that matters! 

Workshop Schedule

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Workshop Descriptions 

Start Strong!

Learn how to start the semester right and with a plan! This workshop will focus on the academic habits and behaviors that increase academic success, encouraging students to proactively leverage the academic resources available to all USM students. Bring your course syllabi to this workshop to learn how to complete a syllabus review and semester plan.

As a result of this session, students will:

  • Identify fundamental academic habits and behaviors essential for starting the semester prepared, organized, and in a mindset to succeed.
  • Learn about the Learning Commons, how to access its resources, and the importance of being proactive.
  • Learn effective approaches to time-management, including how to map out their semester by creating a semester plan.

Become an Effective Learner

Learn how to maximize your academic time both inside and outside of the classroom. This workshop will focus on specific strategies for learning efficiently and effectively. We want to help you, as a USM student, become AGILE. 

As a result of this session, students will:

  • Understand the differences between “studying” and “active learning.”
  • Learn the value of using multiple active approaches to learning.
  • Learn about five engaged learning strategies to use to become AGILE learners (reading, note-taking, managing the learning environment, self-testing, and mind mapping).

Where Do You Stand?

Now that you have grades back this semester, it is important to be aware of where you stand academically. This workshop will assist you with understanding: grade calculations, the importance of post-exam review, and how to make the most of the last third of the semester.

As a result of this session, students will:

  • Understand what their grades mean and learn how to calculate a semester GPA.
  • Learn how to complete a post-exam review. 
  • Learn ways to incorporate active approaches to learning for improved results.
  • Learn what resources are available at this point in the semester and how to access.

Finish Strong!

The end of a semester can be a busy and stressful time, but a solid plan can help you be more effective and bring you peace of mind. Bring your final exam schedule to this workshop, where we’ll share effective approaches to “end of the semester” preparation, and help you create a study plan that will give you the best chance for success!

As a result of this session, students will:

  • Create an end of the semester plan.
  • Learn tips for beating procrastination and how to implement effective time management strategies for the end of the semester.
  • Learn effective approaches for preparing for final exams.


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